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Music of Costa Rica - Wikipedia - is a costarrican online magazine about alternative music and pop culture. is the Costa Rica rock website, here you can find info about practically any Costa Rican Rock Band
Costa Rican cuisine - Wikipedia - Costa Rican cuisine is known for being fairly mild, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costa Rican meals, often served three times a day. Costa Rican fare is nutritionally well rounded, and nearly always cooked from scratch from fresh ingredients. Due to the location of the country, tropical fruits and vegetables are readily
Experience Costa Rican culture - Go Visit Costa Rica - A sense of history. The culture of Costa Rica has been heavily influenced by Spain, but has a rich history of its own. One of the world s oldest democracies, Costa Rica was inhabited largely by Mesoamerican and Andean people until Spanish colonization in the 18th century.
New deep sea species found in Costa Rican seamounts - Scientists on an expedition for Schmidt Ocean Institute uncovered new species of corals and other animals while surveying the Seamounts in Costa Rica.
Costa Rican Explorer EF Educational Tours - Discover a perfect balance of ecology, adventure, and cultural immersion. Treat your senses to rich aromas at a coffee roastery in San Jos and sweet delights at a banana plantation in Guacimo.
Wildlife - Costa Rica - Your guide to Costa Rica s most iconic wildlife, from red-eyed tree frogs to scarlet macaws learn about each species habitats, physical characteristics, diet, reproduction and status in the wild.
Three more women accuse former Costa Rican President scar - Emma Daly, communications director for Human Rights Watch, gives an interview about her 1990 encounter with former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, in New York, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019.
Costa Rica - Travel, Real Estate, Relocation Business - Costa Rica, a country with no standing army, politically stable in Central America, boasts 5 of the world s species in its cloud, rain, and dry forests along its 800 miles of coastline marked with two weather changes - dry season Nov. - Apr. and wet season May - Nov. and temperatures averaging in the 70 degrees.